Tattoo Contest


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1st Place and Runner Up Awards will be presented in the following MALE and FEMALE categories:

*Small Color   *Large Color   *Small Black & Grey   *Large Black & Grey  

*Arm Sleeve   *Leg Sleeve   *Back Piece   *Overall   *Tattoo of the Day 

Exclusive tattoo aftercare products donated by H2Ocean as well as a tattoo photo shoot donated by Tiffany Ann Photography will be awarded each day to the artists of Tattoo of the Day.


  • Any individual may enter any contest providing the tattoo fits into the category chosen.
  • No individual may enter more than three contests.
  • No individual may enter the same tattoo in more than two categories with the exception of Best Overall.
  • Tattoo of the Day MUST have been started AND completed at the expo on the day of the contest.
  • Small Tattoo = 6” or less; Large Tattoo = 6” or more; Back Piece = entire back; Arm Sleeve = shoulder to wrist; Leg Sleeve = ankle to at least the knee cap
  • There is an entry fee of $10.00 per person, per contest entry.
  • Upon registering contestants will be given an entry card with their name, entry number and category. Contestants must have said entry card in order to be judged.
  • Judging for all contests will occur during their designated times in the Judging Room. Registered contestants are responsible for going to the Judging Room during these times for adjudication.
  • A panel of tattoo industry judges will review all contestants in each category and assign a score based on a predetermined point system. 1st Place and Runner Up are determined by the top two highest scores in each category after all points are entered and a total score for each tattoo is calculated.
  • There is no disclosure of tattoo artists and/or studios to the panel of judges for each contest entry in order to ensure a fair judging system based on point system. So please, no sore losers.
  • Finalists and winners will be announced during each day's Awards Ceremony on the Main Stage.
  • There will be no refunds for registrants who do not visit the Judging Room or who visit too late to be seen by the judges.
  • No complete disrobing, not even for photos. This rule is nonnegotiable and is not up for discussion.
  • Tattoo Contest times, categories, etc. are all subject to change without notice due to overall participation, live event scheduling, et al.


Friday, May 10

Tattoo of the Day only

-Registration for all categories is from 5pm-11pm

-Judging for Tattoo of The Day is from 9pm-10pm

-Awards Ceremony will be held at approximately 10:30pm

Saturday, May 11

Small Color, Large Black & Grey, Arm Sleeve, Overall and Tattoo of the Day

-Registration for all categories is from 12noon-11pm

-Judging for all applicable categories is from 6pm-9pm

-Awards Ceremony will be held at 9:30pm

-Awards Ceremony for Tattoo of the Day will be held at approximately 10:30pm

Sunday, May 12

Large Color, Small Black & Grey, Leg Sleeve,  Back Piece, and Tattoo of the Day

-Registration for all remaining categories is from 12noon-4:15pm

-Judging for all remaining applicable categories is from 1:30pm-4:30pm

-Awards Ceremony will be held at 5pm

-Awards Ceremony for Tattoo of the Day will be held at approximately 5:45pm